Nubolo®|Cell | Anti-decubitus cushion

Nubolo®|Cell is the new solution to prevent Pressure Ulcers appearance in people with low mobility.

Nubolo®|Cell is indicated for people with low risk of pressure ulcers.

Nubolo®|Cell is divided in 4 separate areas with adjustable pressures in each area thanks to a manual manometer included.

Nubolo®|Cell can easily be transformed into a Nubolo®|Pro dynamic top model. Find out at your trusted point of sale. 

How does it work?

Different pressures in the 4 areas work as massage in the risky areas altering pressures of each area depending on the user´s specific needs, and this way avoiding dangerous over pressures.

The aim of Nubolo®|Cell is to surpass one of the biggest limitations to which wheel chair users are confronted in a daily basis: over pressure on gluteal and thigh areas that can result in Pressure Ulcers.

The purpose of Nubolo®|Cell is to improve quality of life, reducing risks of suffering from Pressure Ulcers and opening new doors to infinite possibilities.

Nubolo®|Cell includes

  • Air Cell cushion divided in 4 areas
  • Manual air pump with manometer

  • Protective cover with handle for the cushion

  • User´s guide

  • Warranty

  • Cardboard transport box

  • Nubolo sticker