Nubolo is a revolutionary range of smart cushions that allow users to surpass limit seating time on a daily basis. Thanks to the air flow pressure changes Nubolo adapts to the user´s activity and becomes a custom made treatment to prevent Pressure Ulcers.

About us

Nubolo is a smart cushion brand from  OKM Química Ortopédica. We are a company born in 2000 with a large experience in the orthopedic field. Our products catalogues include many different ranges destined exclusively to orthopedics. Nubolo represents innovation in anti Pressure smart cushions: air cells and air flow pressures are custom made for each patient.

What is Nubolo?

Nubolo is a big step for anti pressure air cushions, uniting 2 of the most important properties to prevent successfully Pressure Ulcers: Movements and Customization.

  • MOVEMENT: The Electronic Control Unit creates pressure changes between the cushion´s different areas creating a massage effect. This continuous movement:

    • Increases blood flow

    • Activates the muscles

    • Nourishes the tissues

    • Oxygenates the cells

    • Oxygenates the cells

  • CUSTOMIZATION: The pressure and time intervals between maximum pressure and minimum pressure configuration are customized following each user´s specific needs. They can be adapted to factors such as: skin type, blood flow type, bone protuberance, muscles status, history of Pressure Ulcers etc…

The result is Nubolo, a solution that allows wheelchair users to sit for more than 10 hours straight with Nubolo Pro and even 18h with Nubolo Med, without posture changes. This is why Nubolo is ideal to improve your quality of life reducing the risks of suffering from Pressure Ulcers and opening new doors to new activities such as sports, travels or work.

How was Nubolo born?

Nubolo was born from Isidre Esteves personal situation. In 2007 this professional rally pilot suffered a serious accident during a competition in Baja Almanzora, Spain, that caused him a spinal cord injury. After recuperating from the injury Isidre decided to compete on the Paris Dakar in 2009 with a specially adapted 4×4 car but he developed very serious Pressure Ulcers and was hospitalized for months.

The injuries and the incapacity to compete again pushed him to try and find a solution and with the help of experienced specialists in many fields, Isidre started to work on a new prototype of smart air cell cushion.

After many years of research and testing the team finally finished the first dynamic, custom made smart cushion prototype. It was used for the 1rst time during Paris Dakar Competition in 2017. Isidre was able to finish the whole competition without any Pressure Ulcers, including in the toughest conditions imaginable for 15 days: 4000m altitude, more then 10h driving non stop every day and extreme temperature and humidity.

Since then the prototype has evolved and has now become Nubolo, the smart cushion for the sanitary sector that presents a definitive solution for Pressure Ulcers Prevention.

The properties that helped the Rally pilot to complete one of the world´s hardest competition are now available to all wheelchair users thanks to Nubolo´s different areas pressure changes and custom made configuration.

Because each situation, activity, context are different Nubolo cushion can be a perfect solution for each user.

What technology uses Nubolo?

Nubolo innovates all its elements so that technology brings a real improvement in quality of life of its users:

The Control Unit includes the electronics that manage the air going in and out trough electro valves with no return to avoid leaks. It also regulates the pressure level in each area, in a standard manner for the model Pro and custom made for Med.

The Area divisions are especially  designed by medical specialists from Vall d´Hebron Hospital (Barcelona-Spain). Their aim is to be able to work independently and precisely in each risky area.

The Air Cells are designed to avoid edges and therefore pressure on a given area. The result is a stable and uniform surface. The innovative structure and its elasticity allows pressure control to be more precise and enlarges the air paths for better results. The Air Cells are fixed to the base with a special Velcro® system, easy to clean and to change if needed.

The Protective Cover is transpirable and smooth to allow efficient and localized Air Cell movements. It is also resistant and long-lasting to follow the active daily rhythm of its users.