Nubolo®|Pro | Anti-decubitus cushion

Nubolo®|Pro is the new solution to prevent Pressure Ulcers appearance in people with low mobility.

Nubolo®|Pro is indicated for people with risk of pressure ulcers.

Nubolo®|Pro is a unique and innovative solution that blends smart technology to the known benefits of air cell cushions.

Nubolo®|Pro represents the new generation of smart cushions.

How does it work?

Nubolo®|Pro brings a new solution for Pressure Ulcers prevention in people with spine injuries or other immobilizing pathologies (post operatory, chronic diseases, advanced aging, etc…).

Different pressures work as massage in the risky areas altering pressures of each area depending on the user´s specific needs, and this way avoiding dangerous over pressures. With Nubolo®|Pro users will be able to enjoy a more active lifestyle (work, leisure, sports, travels, etc…) without worrying about Pressure Ulcers risk.

Nubolo®|Pro is divided in 4 areas with regulated pressures in each area managed by 3 programs depending on the user´s needs:

  • Relax: Program with large intervals and low pressures
  • Medium: Program with medium intervals and medium pressures
  • Active:  Program with short intervals and high pressures

Thanks to the Control Unit and the nubolo app the user will be informed at all times of the cushion´s battery status, the level of pressure in the air cells, the bluetooth connection, the selected program etc… Ideal to improve your quality of life reducing the risks of suffering from Pressure Ulcers and opening new doors to infinite possibilities.

Nubolo®|Pro includes:

  • Air Cell cushion divided in 4 areas

  • Protective cover with handle for the cushion

  • External rechargeable battery

  • Battery charger

  • User´s guide

  • Warranty

  • Cardboard transport box

  • Nubolo sticker

Control Unit (CU):

  • Control Buttons

  • Multifunctional Leds (on/off, battery status, alarms, bluetooth connection, programs)
  • Integrated Micro Compressor

Nubolo®|Pro improves quality of life for people with low mobility thanks to an innovative technology and a practical and elegant design.

Nubolo®|Pro allows users to keep an active life without dependence and taking part completely of social and family events.